Recipients of the Fulbright Prize


Dr. Anna Windisch

Waltzing on Broadway: Cultural Transfers in Silent Film Music between Vienna and New York.
Eva Leick, MA
Intermedially Constructed Selfhood: Life Writing by African American Ballerinas.


Dr. Yvonne Kaisinger

An Ocean of Words. Literature and the Environment on Caribbean and Pacific Islands.
Amelie Schmid, MA
Is "Girls" Feminist? Analyzing the "Voice of a Generation" and Dunham's Televisual Feminism.


Dr. Leopold Lippert

Performing America Abroad: The Politics of Transnationalism in the Age of Neoliberal Difference.


Mag. Svenja Grabner

Translating Lovers: An Examination of Where Eros and Translation Meet in Contemporary American Love Poetry.
Mag. Ingrid Haidegger
Make Them Expectant’: The Movie Poster as a Marketing Tool and Genre Indicator.


Mag. Tobias Auböck

Easier Imagined Than Described: Femininity and Fictionality in American Barbary Coast Captivity Narratives.
Mag. Lisa Hasenhütl
Female Empowerment in Persepolis and Mail Order Bride: A Transnational Feminist Study.


Dr. Simone Puff

What’s in a Shade?: The Significance of Skin Color in Ebony Magazine.
Mag. Michael Streif
The Hollywood Conque(e)ror: Marlene Dietrich and the Representation of Gender Roles and (Homo)Sexuality in Classical American Cinema.


Dr. Cornelia Klecker

Spoiler Alert! Mind-Tricking Narratives in Contemporary Hollywood Film.
Dr. Johannes Mahlknecht
Writing on the Edge - Paratexts in Narrative Cinema.


Mag. Carina Lesky

Flesh, Stone and Celluloid: An Exploration of Urban Skins.
Mag. Dr. Andreas Leisner
Individualism in U.S. Mythology: The Lawman as Promethean Figure in the Western.


Mag. Judith Kohlenberger

Isn’t it Byronic? Romanticism, Postmodernism and the Rule of the Cool.
Dr. Florian Sedlmeier
Rereading Literary Form: Transpositions, Paratexts, and Postethnic Literature around 2000.


MMag. Cornelia Klecker

Skip and Rewind. When Time Gets Out of Line in Mainstream Film.


Mag. Katharina Kurzmann

Outside the Imagined Community? The Discourse on Latin American Immigration in the United States.
Dr. Martin Senn
Arming to Threaten the Peace of the World. A Constructivist Approach Towards the Rogue State Concept.


Dr. Christian Quendler

Framing Fiction: Initial Framings in the American Novel from 1790 to 1900.
Mag. Astrid Maria Brunner
Grrl Power for Sale? Ambivalent Resistance in Feminist Subcultures.


Armin Erger

Revolution in Military Affairs: Mode of Warfare, Transformation & US Amerikanische Debatte.
Astrid Koblmüller
Swordswomen and Urban Warriors: The Female Hero in Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior: Memories of a Girlhood among Ghosts and Sara Paretsky's Indemnity Only, Deadlock, and Killing Orders.


Helene Graupp

The Construction of History in Don DeLillo's Libra.


Corinna Dirisamer

Die Entdeckung Amerikas im Internet. Zur Konstruktion und Inszenierung von Geschichte im World Wide Web.


Renaud Tschirner

The Relevance of Contemplation: The Evolution of Ezra Pound's Aesthetics.